CLM Media Pro brings you all the information you need to help you to become who and what God created you to be. We try to speak to you in a language you will clearly understand.


CLM Media Pro is designed to challenge you to discover your: Purpose,Plan and Pursuit. We believe that God has a plan for your life and that you can discover what it is.


CLM Media Pro will help to equip you with the necessary information to fulfil your life's purpose. We network with believers from all over the world to help you.

Welcome to CLM Media Pro!

CLM Media Pro is a project to establish a regular diet of Christian radio broadcasts out mainly to the Gambia to help its people to discover the love of Jesus Christ in a personal way.

Because in there is so much negative news being fed in our world news today, in the midst of a lot of suffering and difficulty, it is easy for people to become frustrated, discouraged and negative.

We believe that helping people to discover and to demonstrate the truth and power of the message of Jesus Christ, can bring immense personal satisfaction and peace in the life of a person. Since faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God, we believe that people can be changed for life once they have access to the truth!

CLM Book Store & Services

  • Bibles & Many titles
    Purchase Bibles in Jola, Mandinka, French, English and other languages. Also available are many other book titles
  • Music, Movies & Gifts
    You can buy local Gospel Music, Documentaries, Movies and gifts.
  • Other services
    Photocopying, Visa Pics, Refreshments, Legal & Notary services and more!