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JUMP Stands for Jesus Ultimate Multimedia Platform

This platform is a Value-Creation Network for the works of good people from everywhere.

We believe that nearly everyone wants to be good and so it is for everyone who has good intentions.

JUMP is an inspired creation of Matthias C George, a Senegambian.

"My Plan is simply to help mainly people in our region of the world to know that they have gifts or talents and that these very endowments have value. I believe that God has created us all with a purpose and that this life makes sense when we know this fact.

I believe that God has given us a life Business puzzle to fix and that He expects us to find and fit the pieces together in such a way that the finished product will be clear evidence that God loves us all!" - Matthias C George



For ALL your needs in:


From Music Classes to purchasing musical instruments to music recording and studio productions to concert event planning and music concert gigs and tours

Media -

Content development for Good Works publishing,printing, broadcasting, publicity, web domain registration, web hosting and web development, Magazines, Book production, Book and graphic ILLUSTRATIONS, Christian artwork, French & English  document translations, Newspaper Radio TV


Marketing - via social media platforms plus radio and TV advertisements


Mentoring-  In the Good Spirit of Business

We believe in resource networking, Christian investment and Creating Value for Christian Products and Services with the Best People in the Christian Media Business.

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